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Monday, October 28, 2013

PE and iLife update

PE & iLife
from Brenna

The first half of the semester the students  learned how to set goals, practice self care in a backcountry setting as well as an international setting and learned how to push themselves in physical activities.  This is an active group of girls!  In Jeffery's Bay the students got to try surfing, Natalie was a natural, and Sarah, Molly and Maeve had good wipe outs, but in the end were able to stand and ride the wave.  On leadership day as part of iLife we focused on different leadership styles. Since we were near Nelson Mandela's home town of Qunu we thought it best to teach the different styles of leadership.  Megan, Mara, Kathrine and Ariela were all in the spontaneous motivator category while Lindsay stood alone in the driver category.  On the Tsitsikamma hike, Peri and Eleanor enjoyed their solo hike time with music, and Juliana helped chop vegetables and collect fire starter, while Anna and Anne assisted in making mac and cheese over the fire. Day to day we are finding time to run and attempt to find as many athletic outings as possible. Emilee is stretching her legs and working on distance running while Hannah is working on strengthening her back.  We have had little time to reflect on the first half of the semester, but look forward to the Orange river and other fun Namibia activities! See you soon!

*The girls are working on mini-marathon goals for the end of the semester. Stay tuned for more info on their training accomplishments.

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