TTS22 Group photo

Friday, November 8, 2013


Hi parents and friends of TTS22 students!

We really appreciate everyone's cooperation and diligence for not tagging the girls in your Facebook posts. It is so hard-especially since Facebook basically does it for you. Please help other people who love your girls keep them safe, too. I've seen a couple of post from family and friends that have shared a TTS22 photo and tagged a student. I'd appreciate it if you could ask those folks to remove the tag until the group returns home. Here are some photos from the parent trip taken by Theresa Coleman.

Thank you so much!

Hannah, Emilee, Sarah and Maeve

Hannah, Maeve, Lindsey, Ariela, Sarah and Molly

Jennifer, Sarah (teacher), Emilee and Maeve

Molly, Juliana, Mara, Megan and Katerine

Peri, Emilee, Anne and Bird

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