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Friday, September 20, 2013

Flying is Fun!

Neon orange helmets and scrunched toes in shoes two sizes too small only means one thing in Waterval Boven: rock climbing. Led by Gustav Janse van Rensburg, a professional climber of 23 years, the TTS girls set forth to the crag known as “Flying is Fun!”
    “In the early 90's, an adventurous paraglider dared to jump off the very rocks we are climbing today,” Gustav explained. “When the paramedics arrived after the failed attempt, the rocks got its name, as well as the nickname “Broken Bones.”” Fortunately, the nickname did not apply to our rock climbing adventure.
    After a tedious hike up and over the steep, rocky mountains, the girls had already begun to break a sweat. Soon enough, they arrived at Flying is Fun, overlooking the amber cliffs of the Drankensburg mountain range. For some of the girls, examining the 14 meter cliffs got their adrenaline rushing, while other girls instantly felt butterflies in their stomachs. It was a new experience, strengthening the girls physically and mentally.
    Take Maeve for example: attempting to climb one of the harder routes first, she grew impatient and began to doubt herself. “When I was climbing, I didn't trust my legs. It was so frustrating,” Maeve exclaimed with disappointment. After some persuasion, practice runs, and coaxing from Brenna, Maeve decided to overcome her fear by conquering the hardest climb of the crag.
    The narrow crack and minimal foot and hand space did not hold her back. She mustered up all her courage, and with encouragement from below and the power within, Maeve reached her goal. Beaming from the top, Maeve observed the endless view of the township and stunning mountains, providing a spectacular bonus to her achievement.
    “It really made me realize I have to believe in my strength and have less self doubt,” said Maeve. With the encouragement of the TTS community, girls can realize their power to overcome bigger and better climbs in the future.

Travel Journalism Article by Peri

(*Stay tuned for more TJ articles throughout the semester - each gal is practicing her reporting skills during different activities.)


  1. Great article ! I really enjoyed how it made the experience come alive for me :) thank you!
    Valerie (Sarah's mom)

  2. Way to go Peri and Maeve! Nice detail about the history of the name and showing how Maeve became empowered.
    Cindy (Anna's Mom)